May 26

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May 28, 2012 – Please join us for a Pennies4Parrots Fundraiser

Nathalie and I would like to invite members of the GTPC to join us at the Hamilton Parrot Club’s meeting on Monday, May 28th.

I (Suzan) on behalf of the Canadian Parrot Conference’s Pennies4Parrots 2012 Challenge and the Golden Triangle Parrot will be giving a presentation on the Unique Abaco Parrot of the Bahamas whom will be this year’s recipient of the funds collected in our Pennies4Parrots challenge.

Please remember to bring your spare pennies or Canadian Tire money for the Pennies4Parrot collection jar.

All are welcome to attend this free presentation. Why not consider bringing a friend or pass this email along to a parrot lover?

Please note only members are allowed to bring their healthy wing clipped, caged or harnassed birds to meetings.

Time:                     7:00 PM

Location:              Dundas Lions Community Center, 10 Market Street South, Dundas, ON


We hope to see you on Monday night in support of this very worthwhile Pennies4Parrots fundraiser.

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