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The Golden Triangle Parrot Club

The club is currently under construction and will be taking on a new direction. Watch for details!

'Krys' Alexandrine Parakeet

What The Parrot Club Offers:

  • Regular meetings
  • Parrot Conservation awareness
  • Education events for members & general public
  • A chance to make new “Feathered” friends
  • Meeting raffles to win great prizes for parrots & humans
  • Fundraiser events with proceeds to parrot related activities.
  • Invaluable resources (both Personal and Professional)
  • A Members’ Library full of books on our special friends

The Parrot Club Goals:

  • To educate as well as learn
  • To provide a forum of individuals who are interested in Psittacines
  • To form a balance between aviculturalists and pet owners
  • To support the Psittacine conservation efforts of various organizations
  • To provide a fun yet informative environment to learn about Psittacines

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